Coax Bulkhead/Deck Feed Through, 1pc # De parte 200250


Coax Bulkhead/Deck Feed Through, 1pc 200250

Coax Bulkhead/Deck Feed Through

  • To install Ancor twist-on connectors, strip the cable to expose 9/16" of the center conductor. Strip the outer jacket to expose 1/4" of the braid. Make sure that the braided shield does not touch the inner conductor. Insert the cable into the connector until the center conductor protrudes through the center of the connector. Twist the small knurled end while gently pushing the connector onto the cable until resistance is felt. Crimp or solder the center conductor. Cut off any excess. It is strongly recommended that a piece of Ancor 3/4" heat shrink be installed on all exterior UHF connectors to waterproof and relieve strain.
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