Angled Double Crimp Ratcheting Crimper # De parte 703035


Angled Double Crimp Ratcheting Crimper 703035

This double crimp ratchet tool crimps 26-10 AWG vinyl & nylon insulated terminals and connectors.

  • Angled head design is ideal for use in tight spaces
  • Must be fully closed before tool allows itself to open ensuring a proper crimp
  • Includes lever to release jaws mid-cycle in the event of an incorrectly placed terminal
  • Ratcheting operation with ergonomic handle to prevent hand fatigue
  • 4 color-coded cavities for different wire sizes
  • Length: 9.5" (24 cm)
  • Selecting the proper wire terminal for marine applications is important. This video explains the difference between single crimp and double crimp wire terminals. It also discusses and shows the proper crimping tool for each application.
  • Video that features our full line of Ratcheting Crimp Tools
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