UL 1426 tinned boat cable with red and yellow conductors
With black and red conductors
With black, green and white conductors
Premium tinned copper with Class K stranding and blue, brown, and green with yellow stripe conductors
Tinned boat cable with yellow, white, green and brown conductors
Tinned boat cable with red and black conductors
100% Mylar foil shield and drain tinned boat cable
Shielded for use in all metal boats and around sensitive electronics
100% Mylar Foil Shield & Drain Wire, UL 1426 Tinned Boat Cable, red, black and bare connectors
Flat ribbon bonded cable is made with premium tinned bonded copper
UL 1426 Tinned Boat Cable with black, blue, green, brown connectors
Oil resistant black, brown and red conductors in a grey STOW - A - Water resistant jacket
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