Heat Shrink, Speaker Connector Kit 16-14, 6pc Pièce numéro SPK1614


Heat Shrink, Speaker Connector Kit 16-14, 6pc SPK1614

Marine speakers are equipped with male disconnects in two sizes (.250 tab for positive and either .188 tab or .110 tab for negative) depending on speaker manufacturer. Ancor's new universal speaker connector kits include (2) .250 tab, (2) .188 tab and (2) .110 tab female adhesive lined heat shrink disconnects to allow a user to install two speakers regardless of manufacturer. Female heat shrink disconnects are the optimal connector for speaker installation as they provide a sealed connection for the harsh marine environment.

  • Selecting the proper wire terminal for marine applications is important. This video explains the difference between single crimp and double crimp wire terminals. It also discusses and shows the proper crimping tool for each application.
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